The MiniDos low-mid flow, water-driven proportional injectors offer an ideal alternative to traditional, non-electric technology. These injectors are compact and offer the widest range of injection ratios.
Unlike traditional electric pumps, MiniDos injectors eliminate the need for electricity and can operate in remote areas. They are easy to install and maintain, making them ideal for low-mid-flow injection applications.


Streamline dispensers in stainless steel cabinets are the industry’s preferred equipment for dispensing a wide variety of automatically diluted solutions into spray bottles, buckets, auto scrubbers or other containers at the touch of a button.
Solutions dispensed through the Streamline Series are automatically diluted to the proportion called for by the concentrate manufacturer.


HydroMinder has been the industry standard for liquid level maintenance for over 20 years. Keep any reservoir filled with consistently mixed solution.
When the solution level in a reservoir drops, the HydroMinder’s float opens a non-electric, magnetic valve. The flow of water siphons liquid concentrate into the water stream, automatically maintaining the level of ready-to-use solution.


HydroMaster drum or wall mounted proportioners automatically mix liquid metal working fluids concentrates with water and dispense the diluted solution into any container.
HydroMasters use water power, not electricity, so concentrates don’t have to be located near outlets, just within reach of a water source.


The HydroFoamer offers easy automatic dilution with convenient control of where and how the solution is applied. On and off functions are at your fingertips, trigger controlled on the spray nozzle.
To rinse, the concentrate container is disconnected using an easy-to-operate quick coupler, designed to allow either a full width spray or powerful jet stream while rinsing. This range of control helps personnel apply the solution where it’s wanted. Handles on larger containers increase the operator’s control over the application.

Sistema de carros móviles

3/4’’ para el MiniDos

Filtro Twist II Clean

de 3/4’’ y 1’’

Sistema de adaptador para barril

para el MiniDos

Kit de viscosidad

Disponible para productos químicos altamente viscosos


Item Number: 905N | 5 gallon foam unit
910N | 10 gallon foam unit
920N | 20 gallon foam unit
925N | 25 gallon foam unit
930N | 30 gallon foam unit


Item Number: 910N.FOG-2 | 10 gallon fog unit with 2 nozzles mounted to unit handle
Item Number: 910N.FOG-3 | 10 gallon fog unit with 3 nozzles on telescoping fog mast


Portable foam unit with on-board 1.5HP air compressor
Draws from pre-mixed solution
Item Number: 900.JR | Foam unit with air compressor


Compact unit with manual pump
Maximum portability for small jobs and spot cleaning
Item Number: 900-2PU | 2 gallon pump-up foam unit


Item Number: 900-WALL
Draws from pre-mixed solution


Item Number: 900-WC
Draws from concentrated product
Dilutes product at ratios of 14:1 to 320:1


Item Number: 900-DS4
Draws from concentrated solution
Dilutes product at ratios of 38:1 to 183:1
Repeat cycle timer
Support up to 3 stainless stee nozzle assemblies
Up to 100 ft. total distace between control box and nozzle(s)
Item Number: 900-GK7T
Nozzle assembly for DS4 unit


Perfect for filling spray bottles, mop buckets, or auto scrubbers. Multiple units can be coupled together and can use color coordinated buttons. Great for: Healthcare, Supermarket, Food Service, Hospitality, Education

Rapid Fire

A dispenser designed for foaming detergent, spraying sanitizer and offers a rinse. One knob prevents user confusion and misuse of chemicals.

Great for: Food Service, Food Processing, Industrial, Supermarket

Dilution At Hand Extreme

The 830GAP is designed for use with multiple chemicals when filling spray bottles and one chemical for filling mop buckets and auto scrubbers.

Great for: Healthcare, Supermarket, Food Service, Hospitality, Education


Dispensers for one or two products for use at commercial sink or industrial applications. Stainless steel cover provides extra protection.
Great for: Food Service, Supermarket, Industrial


Waterless dispenser, just choose the amount of chemical to dose, pull/push the pump and go. Available in multiple dose or single dose configurations.

Great for: Healthcare, Food Service, Supermarket, Hospitality, Education, Cleaning Contractors

Air Operated Fogger

The 910N.FOG3, 10 gallon fogger is designed with large wheels for easy maneuverability. Uses a pre-mixed solution and compressed air; perfect for blanketing large areas.

Great for: Food Service, Food Processing, Industrial

Hose End Foamer

The 290, portable sprayer and foamer, simply attaches to the end of any garden hose. Comes with chemical reservoir, spray, and foaming attachments. Fogger version also available.

Great for: Food Service, Supermarket, Education, Industrial

Safelink One, DEMA One

Portable dispenser that can fill spray bottles, mop buckets, and spray and foam any surface from one system.

Great for: Healthcare, Food Service, Supermarket, Hospitality, Education